Private Property

by Skipper Hammond in Uncategorized

Hmmm.  The bird’s not trespassing.  It had a perfect right to drop out of the sky and sit in this water, splash around, eat whatever it is egrets eat.  Sooo, the pit must be the bird’s property.  Neither is the fish trespassing.  Sooo, the pit must be the fish’s property.  And the snake’s, and alligator’s, and frog’s, and worm’s.  Is it also the property of the dog fennel, willow, hydrilla, flax and wax myrtle? What about the breeze that drifts across the water?  Does the pit belong to the breeze? Or the sunbeams?  In any case, it’s clear it’s not “my very own.” I got lots of buggers to share this pit with.

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